Our Mission — What We Do and Why

The Heart Link Network® is dedicated to showcasing, advertising, enriching and empowering professional women in business in order for them to create heartfelt, meaning relationships with one another.

The Heart Link Network® for Women is an all access pass to success. It provides professional networking events that aid women in growing and expanding their businesses. It is a unique and powerful business marketing tool for women entrepreneurs who want to link with resources, build deep and lasting relationships, grow their businesses

The Heart Link Network® is also committed to helping professional women be found in their communities and online. In today's marketplace, small business owners must work to get their products and services found with both face-to-face business-networking efforts, as well as, with online advertising. The Heart Link Network offers full page business ad listings online through their ‘Find Women Businesses’ Heart Link Network directory.

The ladies who have attended our meetings have brought so much heart-felt, sharing of themselves and blessings to each other, it makes my heart swell just to reminisce... Yes there is work involved, but the rewards of helping others connect and grow their businesses is immeasurable.

Nancy White, Chapter Leader, Charlotte, NC

How is The Heart Link Network® Unique?

The male model of marketing and networking, called interruption marketing has been the dominant model for over fifty years. The power of interruption marketing was discovered with the invention of the radio. Advertisers were delighted to find that they could capture listener’s attention, and interrupt that attention with ads by sponsors and listeners would buy. This was a wonderful new way to market products or services. Then came the television commercials, billboards, magazine ads, newspaper ads and the list goes on and on.

Then a few pioneers decision to take their business directly to the homes, where the women were happy to have their days interrupted. Vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, encyclopedias, make up, Tupperware, perfume; the list goes on and on. This model worked marvelously until women started to enter the work force, everyone got busy and we seemed flooded with interruption. Finally when the Internet began to explode, interruption was given a name-SPAM.

People dislike being interrupted. They have DVRs so they can speed past commercials; they listen to satellite radio, sign up to be on NO call lists so that their home time cannot be interrupted. People are bombarded with information, and they have learned to despise "interruption." We designed The Heart Link Network® based on "Permission Marketing" instead of "interruption marketing." The Heart Link Network® was created to allow the chapter leader and her attendees to network in a way that is comfortable, inexpensive, FUN and natural for them, continually creating a new warm market each month. Word of mouth is the best marketing you can have. The Heart Link Network® insures that many more mouths are singing your praises!

Do you believe women in business are important to our economy?

Oh my goodness, yes. At our present rate of growth in women’s businesses, women will soon own more than half of all privately-held businesses.

We are creating a new revolution for business networking women, but unlike angry movements in the past, this revolution is built on compassion, collaboration generosity and love. Business networking Women have a lot to give to the world, and there is no question we can do it best when our PINK hearts are linked, synced and working to showcase and support one another.

How did you come up with this unique networking model for women?

Through numerous interviews with business networking women I realized that men and women network very differently, they have very different endocrine systems and yet ninety percent of all networking models were based on interruption marketing, which feels unnatural and stressful to most women. Women use social networks to link to resources and each other. Like our Heart Link Facebook Fan page. Women love being a part of something larger than them. Through sharing with other women they can find anything from new recipes, cures for diaper rash, advice about relationships - to how to write a business plan, get a grant, or find a great attorney or CPA.

“My mission is to aid business networking women in living the dreams in their hearts. There is empirical evidence that proves the broader a business women's network; the more likely she is to succeed. Eighty one percent of women who own million-dollar-plus companies belong to formal business organizations, associations or networks, while only sixty one percent of women with small businesses, network.

As I looked at the problem I believed it was about access. There simply were not powerful, effective and inexpensive ways for business networking women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and women in more flexible direct sales businesses to unite, join resources, and link hearts in helping one another succeed. So I created the perfect marketing and networking tool to help them, The Heart Link Women's Network.