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Understand how colors represnt individual's personality, help you and your clients gain faster, more powerful, personal and professional insight.

Dawn Billings Consultations

Join Dawn Billings, the Communication, Relationship and Personality Expert at beautiful Arizona desert or request for her to visit you.

PCPT Insight Tools™

Primary Colors Personality Test Insight Tools is a great resource for anyone who wants to more thoroughly understand what the tools have to offer.

The Healing Resort

A place to be counseled, trained, educated and encouraged as you discover answers that best suit your healing needs.

Executive Training Resort

offers you, and your elite team or small group of very special guests, a chance to train together while having a spectacular resort experience.

Personality Types

Help people understand the distinction between personality types, personality traits and personality tendencies.

Christa Sutton Coaching

What I HAVE done is overcome some crazy obstacles that many of you may relate to. My hope is to give YOU hope...