Becoming a Member of your local Heart Link Network!

It’s EASY: Simply Pre-pay 12 month attendance (12 x $15 = $180)
to your Heart Link Network Chapter Leader to qualify to become an official member of HLN and receive these special online advertising benefits.

  1. Reduced registration to your women's networking event for the following 12 months
  2. FREE HLN Directory $180 one page online listing.
  3. Get a featured spot at the top of your HLN Chapter Leader's Page
  4. Get Leader (or friend to attend) to do your commercial for you if you are absent
Only official HLN members can enjoy the showcase spot at bottom of your leader’s chapter page.

An In-Depth Look at what The Heart Link Network provides it's members:


When you become a member of The Heart Link Women's Network you are guaranteed consistent marketing. If you must miss a meeting, no problem, your 3 minute showcase commercial will be done for you, either by a stand in of your choice, or by a Heart Link Networking leader.


With your 12 month membership you receive a full page ad on the Heart Link Network's Women Business Directory worth $250.00. As well as being showcased at the top of your Heart Link Leader's chapter pages.


The Heart Link Network meets every month. Each meeting begins with a light meal and then the professional networking begins. Each professional woman in attendance receives 3 minutes to showcase HER, her business, products and services.


The Heart Link Network has two opportunities a year for you to invite guests for FREE to experience the love and support of The Heart Link Network.


The Heart Link Network’s “Find Women Businesses” isn’t just a place to interact with experts it is first and foremost an AMAZING community of women entrepreneurs from all over the globe. It’s a community where you connect with other like-minded women who know the struggles and joys of being an entrepreneur. Even more than support and guidance in your business, the friendships you create provide awesome emotional support for you. Connect with people like you, learn, grow, earn, encourage and support one another. Find Women Businesses is a drama free community. It is a joyful space where we celebrate each other! 


You don't have to be a designer or spend time attempting to create “warm market touches/inspirations” for your social media. The Heart Link Network does all of the work for you. Warm market touches are quotes, inspirations, pictures that you can easily share on social media to keep in “warm touch” with friends, customers and acquaintances. HLN provides a Heart Link ‘Tip of the Week' and many other daily inspirations that can help you easily stay in the front of those hearts you do business with.


Networking experts regularly post video content (many one minute beautiful videos) with tips, advice and inspiration that can help you turn your business around. The video content found on The Heart Link Network is filled with actionable steps that can aid you in expanding your social networking presence throughout your many groups and social media initiatives.


We are always adding resources, ways to advertise and opportunities to showcase YOU, your products and services to add value to our member 12 month memberships.