Leaders FAQs

Creating our own business gave us the flexibility we needed for our 4 children and aged parents whilst establishing a successful business. Most people want to Retire Early and have a lifestyle in retirement that suits their comfort level. That's exactly what we help them with. How to retire early and having the right people around you.

Janet Culpitt, The Heart Link Leader of Robina, Queensland (Australia)

The Heart Link Women's Network®is the perfect business marketing tool because we believe in 4 WINS versus win-win. You need to win, your attendees must win, your community, or world, must win and God needs to look upon your efforts and smile. When we dedicate ourselves to the 4 WINS philosophy true success be achieved and celebrated.

NO. The Heart Link Women's Network was designed as a marketing and business-networking tool to help women small business professionals promote the businesses they love. Marketing and advertising can be expensive. The Heart Link Women's Network is designed to give you a unique way to showcase and promote your business and all but eliminate some of your marketing and advertising expenses. The investment to become a Heart Link Women Networking chapter leader, while minimal, is offset by your participant's small attendance fees. This tool gives you a way to grow your business, introduce yourself to great businesswomen in your community, be of service to others and leave a legacy of goodness because of your efforts.

One of your biggest expenses in running a small business is marketing. Radio, newspaper ads, business-networking memberships, chamber events, trade shows etc. can cost you a fortune! You could spend anywhere from $500 to $1500 to join other women networking groups and associations with very little to show for your investment.

The Heart Link Women's Network® allows you to powerfully, intelligently and intimately publicize your small business for little financial out put from you. Your attendees are able to showcase their businesses for a small charge to attend. Attendance fees go to our leaders to cover the costs of putting on the women's networking event. The Heart Link Women's Network was selected as the 2010 Women Entrepreneur Business Award of Excellence winner in the women networking category.

The Heart Link Network® was created FOR women, by a woman named Dawn Billings. Dawn Billings, is a female entrepreneur, author, speaker, inventor and communication expert. When you attend other business networking groups, like the chamber of commerce, you get one minute or sometimes 30 SECONDS to share what it is that you do. It is easy to get "lost in the crowd". As a Heart Link Women's Networking chapter leader you are the host, not just one of many participants. All eyes are on you! Also, you get to hand select the women who attend your business networking events! So you always know what to expect.

Traditional business-networking events are built on a male model, which is interruption marketing and does not lend itself well to developing the deep relationships necessary in today's market. The Heart Link Women's Network® was specifically designed to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs by creating an environment that is warm, inviting, effective, non-threatening, and fun! It is a business-networking tool that allows you to invite instead of interrupt potential future customers. Small business women nation-wide have raved about the difference in the feel, fun and effectiveness of The Heart Link Women's Network®.

Success does not depend on what you know, or who you know. In today's market place the most important thing is "WHO KNOWS YOU!"That is why being a part of The Heart Link Women's Network® outshines the rest. Our Heart Link Women Networking chapter leaders are recognized leaders and offer a valuable service to women who need to network in order to grow their businesses. You become a stand out leader in your community while giving professional women a networking resource they desperately need, and you get to market your business, all at the same time. Successful women business owners network understand the importance of meeting new people and exposing others to their products and services.

HLN chapter leaders report they have about 50% returning guests and 50% new attendees each month. The Heart Link Network© requires no membership in order to attend. Women are free to attend once, or come back as often as they like. This keeps the gatherings familiar, yet fresh and exciting. It provides a great deal of flexibility to women who want to return and bring their friends next month! However, women may choose to become members, save money, receive valuable online advertising and be consistent with their marketing efforts

Absolutely. We offer amazing membership benefits. Check out the video that explains how amazing the benefits to becoming a member of HLN really are.

Some of our chapter leaders consistently have 20 to 25 women (never more than 30) at each of their gatherings; others enjoy a more intimate group of 12 to 20 women.

HLN Leaders may have as many networking events as they would like each month. Many leaders hold two networking events, one during the daytime and one in the evening, all on the same day. Dawn Billings, our founder, holds 3 - breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the same day and enjoys 60 to 80 women in her home each month.

If a leader has two meetings in one day, she could have as many as 40 to 50 women attending. It totally depends on you and your personality and the effort you want to put in developing your event. The larger gatherings are exciting but may be a little less intimate. When you have 12 to 20 women, it allows extra time to create more personal bonds. Both sizes of gatherings have their benefits.

Find the size that fits your personality and community and it will work like a charm. It is a model that depends on the care and effort you give it, exactly like your business. Like exercise equipment; it works GREAT if you actively use it!

Don't worry. The Heart Link Women's Network team is ready to train you! We teach you exactly what to do to open your Heart to your community. The Heart Link Women's Network® can become the training arm for you as well as your women business associates. The Heart Link Women's network provides tele-classes, one on one coaching, and scores of written, recorded and video training material.

It's FUN! It's intimate. It's memorable. But most of all, it's effective.The Heart Link Network® makes networking feel like FUN, not work. It takes the work out of networking.