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05/16/18 11:30 am
Mesa, AZ 85213

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Your health and comfort are very important to us, therefore please contact our HLN leaders with any allergy concerns whether they be food allergies, or allergies to pets.

About Dawn Billings

I am extremely proud to be the CEO, Founder of The Heart Link Women's Network®, an intimate and innovative women's networking company, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs showcase their products and services with ease, and happy that I can host a Heart Link gathering of my own with my amazing partner Susan Nightingale at The Healing Resort in Mesa, AZ.

I am the creator of the Primary Colors Personality Inventory that is used in many private practices, in the government as well as the military and churches. I have a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and my doctorate studies were in Organizational Psychology with an emphasis on neuro physiology and personality. I had a private practice working with individuals, couples and families for many years and now I am director of training for The Healing Resort where I am blessed to help couples and families find their way back to healing and understanding themselves and those they love.

About Susan Nightingale

I love being a personal Assistant for Dawn and Dr. Tony Billings and so enjoy being a co-leader of the Mesa, Arizona Heart Link Women's Network. I worked for over 15 yrs - as an Insurance Analyst for FMC Corporation while living in Chicago, IL .  Moved to the Phoenix area and fell in love with the desert.

My favorite quote is "If you don't succeed, then try again!" because in my 70 short years of life I have learned it is not the falling down that matters, it is how fast you stand back up.  When in doubt simply stay focused and keep your head up and know that something good is on its way to you.

 I am divorced, and have no children, and decided to live my life's dream to become a personal chef. I love cooking and you will taste the love. Allow me to bake or cook for you so you don't have to. Looking forward to feeding your hearts, as I feed my own, by feeding you.

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Member Showcase Julie Shangle

Julie Shangle represents jBloom jewelry. It is beautiful, customizable and a wonderfully symbolic way to wear your affirmations. We will be holding a jBloom party in Scottsdale on the 24th of January from 5-7pm at Rachell Hall's office. 8075 East Morgan Trail, Suite 6, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Join us for fun, champagne and celebration.

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