Mordialloc (Melbourne), Victoria 3195 (Australia)

Lee Cummins

Upcoming Event

01/05/18 10:00 am
Mordy HQ 528 Main Street (Upstairs Hobson's Room)
Mordialloc, Vic 3195

Future Events

05/06/18 10:00 am
04/07/18 10:00 am
07/08/18 10:00 am

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About Lee Cummins

I work with business owners to create lifetime referrals by building better business relationships.  As a Business Realtionship Specialist assisting businesses from brick and mortar establishments, on-line business owners or direct sellers, each business can benefit from building better relationships that grow into life-time referral partners.  Ask about a free 30 minute obligation free consultation.

Owner/Operator: Octagon Sales Solutions
Business Relationship Specialist
Seminar & Radio Presenter
Marketing Consultant with SendOutCards
Primary Colors Personality Executive Director (AU)

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Latest Event (03/04/18)

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Member Showcase Monique Poppelaars

Monique is a professional Reflexologist with many years of experience. She is passionate about raising people’s awareness of the many benefits of the powerful modality of Reflexology. Having regular Reflexology sessions is a great way to help you dealing with the daily stresses of life. It is a non invasive & powerful modality that helps to reduce stress and tension.

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