Become a Heart Link Networking Leader

It is such an honour to be able to offer The Heart Link Network and Primary Colors™ to businesses in Australia. Working with Dawn Billings and Laura Wells has been a dream come true. I can’t wait to see the next wave of success and to continue to connect women in business.

Lee Cummins, The Heart Link Leader of Mordialloc (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia

Create and expand your Circle of Influence

Expand your circle of influence and increase your social capital by being a valuable connector in your community. We recognize that it is NOT what you know; it is NOT who you know, BUT WHO KNOWS YOU that counts in expanding your business. Becoming a Heart Link Network® chapter leader provides you the perfect opportunity to be a stand out leader within your community, to gain a reputation for having a heart for women and their success. There will be an army of women who are out signing your praises, as they tell others about WHO YOU ARE. The Heart Link Network®® was designed to make you a woman WHO IS KNOWN in her community, as well as, loved, respected and admired.

Break outside of your friends and family circle, and showcase your business to a wide variety of women

Each month, as a Heart Link chapter leader, you have an all-access pass to the professionals in your community. Are you ready to be motivated and inspired to network consistently. We discovered that most small businesswomen are not comfortable “campaigning” for themselves. They will rave about others with ease. They will help others in an instant. But “promoting themselves” is difficult and uncomfortable. Women are designed hormonally and emotionally to be givers. The Heart Link Women’s Network is first and foremost about giving. ALL women have an opportunity to share what they love most about their businesses with other professional women who actually CARE and pay ATTENTION. Attention is one of the most valuable resources in today's world. Inspiring women to pay attention to you is an art that The Heart Link Women’s Network makes delightful and simple. Because there is no upfront membership fee for The Heart Link Women’s Network, we have discovered that at each month's women networking gathering one-third, to one half of the women are new, mixing and mingling with the women who are veterans of the Heat Link Network. This keeps a continual excitement and energy about the gatherings as well as, continues to grow and expand your circle of influence.

Network more effectively, and add value to your existing business networking efforts.

Many professional small business women are attempting to promote their businesses without many positive results. They are putting themselves out there, only to find that they are being rejected. Women hate rejection and it causes them uses to doubt themselves. The Heart Link Women's Network is specifically developed to diminish, or better yet, ELIMINATE rejection.

Inviting women into your world gives them an opportunity to learn who you are, and what you stand for. Women love to do business with the people they know, like and trust. The Heart Link Women's Network provides a service that benefits ALL women who attend. When women feel that you genuinely care about their success, they begin to open up and genuinely care about yours.

Enjoy the support of an admired and respected international organization

But why do I need The Heart Link Women's Network? Why can't I do my own business networking event? The Heart Link Women's Network® is an international organization with over 100+ locations in the US, Canada and Australia, dedicated to the empowerment, inspiration and growth of ALL professional women. Over 50 years of professional networking, psychological, physiological and emotional research is behind the development and structure of The Heart Link Network®.
Being a part of an international organization gives you as a leader, credibility, guidance, support, education, tools and exposure that is imperative to your networking success. The marketing and advertising benefits associated with being a leader for this respected and admired organization are extraordinary and certainly difficult to reproduce alone.

Increase my online exposure and inbound marketing

Today the Internet is a resource that cannot be ignored. When you are an chapter leader of The Heart Link Women's Network® you receive many GREAT online outlets to showcase who you are and what it is that you are passionate about. Our Heart Link Women's Network website is terrific and helps publicize, expose, and showcase our chapter leaders all over the world, but it is just one of the online advertising resources. Along with your HLN website women networking location page, you will be able to advertise your business on HLN Professional Business Directory, that showcases and advertises women small business professionals. All in all, our leaders receive thousands of dollars worth of online advertising privileges included in their licensing and monthly fees.

Enjoy the tax benefits of being a Heart Link Leader

The Heart Link Network® is a marketing expense. It gives you additional write offs. Check with your CPA to see how best to expense and utilize The Heart Link Network®.

Access resources and materials to share with others to build your business

Dawn Billings, the Heart Link Founder is also the author of over 15 books on business networking, communication, success and greatness, and has written hundreds of informative and interesting articles for you to share. She has created E-books and resources, such as short videos that uplift, encourage and inspire everyone who receives them. All chapter leaders have access to many of these terrific products to use as warm marketing touches and incentives for their business associates.

Receive valuable Business Networking success training

Business networking and connecting with other women professionals is imperative to success and is a skill that needs to be developed and honed. The HLN team consists of consummate business-networkers willing to coach and train you to become the same. The Heart Link Women's Network® provides training specifically designed to build your business-networking muscles. Women who build their skills, WILL build their businesses.

Create meaningful and lasting relationships

Our leaders report that the biggest benefit of being a Heart Link Women Networking leader, other than building their business, is that they have created friendships that will last a life time and bring them so much joy. The women they meet through The Heart Link Network®, enrich their lives, provide them with powerful connections, feed their souls, and strengthen their business skills and confidence. In short, The Heart Link Network® helps them create deep and meaningful relationships they could not live without.