Dawn Billings, shares what she believes is the H.E.A.R.T. of Success

Hold Onto Hope
Enhance, Edify and Encourage those around you
Appreciate everything
Reach for the stars. Dare to live your greatest dreams.
Take Action. It is not enough to dream, you must take action.
Dawn?Billings, Success with Heart

Dawn L. Billings is CEO and Founder of the international Heart Link Women's Network, as well as, Genius Connected Mastermind and Think Tank Programs for Women. As a serial entrepreneur and a champion of using innovative strategies and solutions to enhance and improve the lives of women everywhere, Dawn Billings understands that women are the largest and fastest growing economy and need to powerfully position themselves both collectively and individually, to have a greater impact in the economic mainstream. Women need to comprehensively prepare themselves to confidently participate in all aspects of business and society as a whole, therefore Dawn and the programs she has created, educate and actively advocate for the personal and professional enrichment of women of the global community through networking, mentorship, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership training, building essential communication skills and the sharing of dreams and ideas.

In 2008 Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation's 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project, as well as, chosen as one of 15 "Women of Achievement" by the Cobb County, Georgia, YWCA for her socially dynamic programs and life long dedication to the benefit of women and children. In 2011 and 2012, The Heart Link Women's Network received the Women Entrepreneurs Business Award of Excellence, as the 'best women's networking group'.

Dawn also serves as President of DawnBillings.com, a training and executive coaching company, where she is a consultant to Executives and Organizations focusing on teamwork, communication skills, improving productivity and retaining top talent using her highly acclaimed Primary Colors Personality Test™ that is administered to over 70,000 people each year, of which she is the architect and author. Dawn does advanced communication and personality training at the Executive Training Resort in Arizona and licenses her personality test around the world.