Business vs. Industry Exclusive

A note from the Founder/CEO, Dawn Billings, explaining how exclusivity is defined at The Heart Link Network® Events. Examples and explanations how we try to avoid the conflict of same kind of business showcases in one event. Make sure everyone has its unique chance to present their business and products. Take notes and contact local HLN leaders when you make your reservation for the next meeting!

We are more company exclusive, than industry exclusive. Let me explain by using jewelry as an example:
Research shows that women will not buy sterling silver jewelry, even if there is only one jewelry person in attendance, if they don't wear sterling silver jewelry.

Women will not buy handmade jewelry simply because handmade jewelry is the only jewelry there. And women will not buy gold and gem stone jewelry, or fabulous Costume Jewelry simply because it is the only jewelry available at a networking event.

Therefore we feel it is not a conflict to have very different kinds of jewelry represented together at one gathering.

Now, if Chole + Isabel, Stella & Dot or Premier Designs were in attendance at the same time that would not be acceptable because it would be in direct conflict as direct sales costume jewelry. Or if Origami Owl and South Hill Designs were both in attendance they might conflict because they offer lockets and jewelry that you can design and personalize yourself. But jBloom which focuses on wonderful inspirational, and personalized jewelry, is very different than SASpurilla's lovely silver and turquoise jewelry.

The other psychology piece is that women hesitate to look at your jewelry if you are the only one there because

Let me share another example using chocolate:
If you are with chocolate companies Chava Chocolate and Xocai Chocolate, we feel they are in direct competition, however, if you represent Isagenix that also has healthy IsaDelights as one of its MANY products, you should not knock out all other healthy chocolates, but instead focus on what your company is best known for, like cellular cleansing.

The reason car dealerships are all together is because they all sell more cars. Million of dollars have been spent on marketing research that proves putting the car dealerships together, WORKS.

When women tell the women they have the greatest, hottest new fashion jewelry that exists, and at the same time, they are gracious about other women who hand make their jewelry, or sell gold and gem stone jewelry, women love their graciousness and it helps them trust. We want to do business with women we trust.

When I am a health coach, but graciously celebrate the skills of my friend who is a relationship coach, women love that I know the distinction and that I am gracious. Exclusivity will never make you successful at a women's networking event. Graciousness, kindness, honesty, clarity and integrity however, will always help you be a success at every networking event.

So at The Heart Link Network®,we want to do all we can to help you shine brightly, gain respect, build your brand, and showcase your products and services with dignity and grace. That is why we are committed to helping women work and succeed together, not compete, exclude or inhibit one another. Some of your greatest friends may come from power partnerships with other professional women who represent something complimentary, but not in direct competition with you.

To your collaborative success,
Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network®