Primary Colors Personality Test

You will love the Primary Colors Personality test. This test has positively impacted relationships around the world. It's fun. It's informative, but most of all, it will teach you how to better understand yourself and others.

Dawn Billings’ Primary Color Personality Training is some of the most exciting, fun and informative information I have ever experienced. If you have employees, managers or sales professionals that need to communicate powerfully and effectively, you need Dawn Billings and this training. Trust me; even though it is fun, it works!

Kristine Sexter, Retention expert and founder of WorkWise Productions and

Colors Personality Training Program

Primary Colors Test with Dawn Billings

The Color of Understanding book explains how to Use Dawn Billings Primary Colors Personality Test to Dramatically Increase Communication & Performance  Order Book Here

The information contained in this program has been designed to equip your employees with an understanding of how different people communicate and perceive their worlds differently, as well as, practical and empirically validated information and techniques that can be immediately applied and implemented at home and in work settings to improve communication in every area of their lives. Improved communication is powerfully tied to improved workplace satisfaction and performance.

Dawn Billings Primary Colors Personality Training Program Description: “Upping Performance & Communication”” training has four main goals:

  • Session goal and focus #1:

    To introduce and define emotional and relational intelligence. Studies show that effective communication is imperative for a productive, thriving workplace environment to exist. Effective communication skills produce measurably efficient results. Communication is greatly enhanced by strengthening emotional/relational intelligence.

  • Session goal and focus #2:

    To teach emotional and relational skill set. Emotional and relational intelligence is based on a skill set that can be easily taught and implemented by each individual.

  • Session goal and focus #3:

    To facilitate the highly-acclaimed Primary Colors Personality Assessment. This self- directed assessment will provide each participant objective and tangible insights into their own communication style tendencies.

  • Session goal and focus #4:

    To use the new insights derived from the training to provide new, powerful, positive ways to communicate effectively, thereby eliminating unnecessary conflict and increasing the number of positive outcomes.

In the past few years I have had the privilege of sharing the platform with some of the greatest individuals of the 20th Century. Rarely have I met anyone that has a message as timely and powerful as that of Dawn Billings. Dawn has an insight that is unique and a delivery that makes people want to transform their lives. She proves her point again and again...Greatness is Never an Accident.

Jim Stovall, Co-founder and President of the Narrative Television Network,
Author of You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See and Success Secrets of Super Achievers, The Ultimate Gift. And The Ultimate Gift Movie.