The Heart Link Women's Networking meeting begins with a light meal and socializing - this is where bonding begins! After the meal, each woman receives 3 minutes to showcase her business with everyone’s undivided attention while in a very comfortable setting.
Always invite a friend. But, she does need to register in advance to be sure her business/industry is not already taken. You are going to want to share this great experience with other women you know.

No, there is no upfront membership fee! You may attend month-by-month for as long as you like, space permitting, BUT there are tremendous benefits to actually becoming a Heart Link Network® Member.

Great Member Benefits Include:

  • A $60 savings on your 12 month registration
  • One full page online ad on The Heart Link Directory ($180 value)
  • "Featured Business" at top of your Chapter leader’s page ($150 value)
  • As a member, you have a chance to be selected as a Showcase on your leader's page

$470.00 in TOTAL VALUE all for only ($180)

*If you can’t attend, your HLN leader will do your commercial for you - priceless!!

$20 is a very small investment for such a valuable advertising opportunity. Mail coupons that everyone throws away cost hundreds of dollars. Chamber memberships are very expensive. Newspaper and magazine advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Television can cost millions of dollars. At The Heart Link Network®, you will advertise your business to your target market, create meaningful relationships, enjoy a wonderful light meal, and have a fabulous time... and it is only $20. But remember, if you become a member, it drops to only $15.00 an event to attend.

  • $20 regular monthly pay-in-advance
  • $25 same-day (with leader's approval & space permitting)
  • $15 for Heart Link Annual Members
  • $15 Sister Chapter Leaders
  • $10 Honorees of the Month

Yes! You are welcome to bring business materials, products to pass around, and samples to give!

No, but they do receive tremendous benefits by leading! Each Heart Link Women's Networking Chapter Leader is a giver by nature. It takes a special personality to love and support women in this wonderful way. Although our leaders collect the attendance fees, those funds go to pay for the expenses involved in running their chapter including chapter dues, food, and supplies. However, we give our leaders many exciting and wonderful advertising, training and marketing benefits.

Many women come to the event from work, so attire varies from business casual to comfortable.

The Heart Link Women's Network is the only networking organization that HONORS women professionals who are not usually invited to professional networking events. Each month, The Heart Link Women's Network chooses women of various professions and groups to APPRECIATE from the community. For example: Teachers, Nurses, New Moms, Non-Profit employees, Moms of Special Needs Children, Military, Fire, and Police professionals or the women who are married to them, etc. Be sure to check what HONOREES are being celebrated each month and invite one of these amazing women to be loved and appreciated for all they do in the community.

There are no speakers at our Heart Link Networking events because our goal is to showcase YOU and the other attendees for 3 full minutes instead of showcasing a speaker. At The Heart Link Network®ing events, YOU are the star.

The Heart Link Network® was created on mountains of research on the way women communicate. Three minutes is the perfect amount of time to connect, begin the bonding process and remain fresh in other's minds. We ask that attendees adhere to their 3 minute showcase provided during each meeting. To share in more depth, we encourage you to follow up and connect with the women you meet at the event.

Please watch our short but informative Industry Exclusivity video to learn how The Heart Link Network® focuses on collaboration, cooperation and genuine connection. Women are more likely to "shop" when there are choices, but not competition!

No. The bonding process begins during this special time. The Heart Link Network® was designed according to human bonding and connection processes. Trust the process. It works.

No. But you may ask your leader, or a friend, or someone in your company to attend and share your business on your behalf. The leader has likely excluded other women in order to reserve your spot and planned ahead for food and supplies. If you cannot attend at the last minute, you will remain on the roster and you will receive a copy of the roster so that you may follow up with the ladies you did not get a chance to meet. With enough notice, and a legitimate emergency, some leaders may choose to allow you to attend the next event at a discounted price.

Pay the registration fee to your chapter leader directly. Most leaders offer PayPal on their Chapter Page to allow you to pay online via PayPal or credit card. Please remember, most events are company exclusive, which means only one person may represent each company so spaces fill up quickly! Your payment IS your reservation. (If there is another woman who represents the same company as you and has secured the HLN networking spot before you, your HLN Chapter Leader will contact you and reschedule you for a meeting where your company spot has NOT already been secured.).